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1. Who operates this website

GOTO Tromso is operated by Discover Tromso AS:

Discover Tromsø
Org no. 912 305 627
Our customer service office is open every day from 08:00 to 19:00 except 24th December after 16:00.
Office: +47 776 96002
Emergency: +47 913 99 491,
Straumsvegen 601 9105 Kvaloya, Tromso, Norway.

2. Definition of terms of use

These terms of use cover all use of the GOTO Tromso website (hereafter, the website or GOTO Tromso) by users (hereafter, users or you). Using the services offered on the website implies consent to these terms of use. 

3. No Offer

The content on the website is for informational purposes only, any binding agreement made on the basis of the content of GOTO Tromso is only between user and supplier.

4. Limitation of liability 

Discover Tromso AS or its partners are not liable for any damages from accessing or lack of access to website

5. Third-party content

GOTO Tromso features information about activities, attractions, restaurants, etc. that are submitted by the suppliers. All such content is the sole responsibility of its author, Discover Tromso AS makes no recommendation and has no responsibility or liability for information submitted by third parties.

6. Intellectual property

The website is protected by copyright (pending), its contents may not be copied, incorporated or used without consent.

7. Amendments to the terms of use

The terms of use described here are valid from 01.12.2019 and until it is changed. Discover Tromso AS may change or update the terms of use at any time.

8. Services

GOTO Tromso offers the user a way to access various services in the tourism sector. You can submit booking requests to local suppliers by using the website. A booking is confirmed when you receive a confirmation e-mail. After receiving the confirmation, the supplier may within 24 hours cancel the booking free of charge or suggest a rescheduling in case the activity is sold out. 

Discover Tromso AS will notify you about the meeting point, any special conditions regarding the transport and the company of the supplier.

Discover Tromso AS will provide any documentation necessary to access the service, such as tickets, passes or passwords.

While we strive to make sure all information on the website is up to date and correct, Discover Tromso AS makes no claim to the accuracy of information provided by third parties such as suppliers or users. 

9. Cancellations by the Supplier

Discover Tromso AS and our partners reserve the right to cancel the activity at any point for safety reasons or if the activity cannot be completed due to natural causes such as lack of snow. In this event, you will be offered a choice of alternative activities or to cancel and receive a full refund.

We or the supplier reserve the right to change activity locations without prior notice. In such an event the booking department will do everything possible to get in touch with you before the activity starts. A change of location would only take place for necessary safety reasons or due to conditions such as snow or weather on which the activity depends.

10. Cancellations by you

Cancellations are free up to 12 hours before the activity starts. Any cancellation 12 hours or less before departure time is not refundable. The cancellation deadline includes failure to attend the activity due to any circumstance not directly caused by GOTO Tromso or the supplier.

11. Payments

Discover Tromso AS has the right to issue invoices on behalf of its suppliers. All payments to GOTO Tromso are charged in the local currency.
Before confirming the purchase, the user is notified of accepted payment methods. Discover Tromso AS reserves the right to reject payment methods.
By using the website, the user consents to have their payment information used by creditor to collect the payment.

12. Prices

All prices listed on the website include VAT and all other taxes. Prices may be subject to special conditions by the supplier, in these cases it will be specifically stated.

13. Availability and Warranty

Discover Tromso AS can close or redesign the website at any time.
Discover Tromso AS makes no claim for accuracy or completeness of information on the site. Discover Tromso AS offers no guarantee or warranty for services provided by the supplier unless such guarantees or warranties are specifically expressed. 

14. Liability

Discover Tromso AS is in no part liable for agreements between users and suppliers.
Discover Tromso AS is in no part liable for any defects in service or material damages inflicted by services from its suppliers.

15. Reviews

Discover Tromso AS gives the user the opportunity to evaluate services with a rating and review system. The views and opinions expressed in reviews are solely produced by users and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or recommendation of GOTO Tromso. The author of the review is alone responsible for its content.

Discover Tromso AS or its partners can make use of the reviews in various ways as it sees fit including advertisings without notice or compensation to the user.

Discover Tromso AS can report or remove reviews under its own discretion.

16. Data Protection

By booking with us you are obliged to provide certain information to allow us to process your No information will be requested without a specific reason.

Discover Tromso AS will not sell or otherwise market your data to third parties. Transfers of data to government institutions and authorities is done only within the scope of mandatory national legal requirements. Our employees and partners are obligated by us to maintain secrecy and to comply with legal data protection regulations.

You have the right at any time to receive information free of charge about your personal data stored with us. If your data is stored incorrectly or wrongly by us, we will gladly correct, block or delete it. Please inform us of any changes to your data immediately.

Please direct requests for information, questions, complaints or suggestions to

Last updated: 01.12.2019


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