Reindeer Sledding

Meet the true pioneers of the Arctic!

Millenia ago, when the glaciers were retreating after the last Ice Age, the first people that come to Norway followed the reindeer that moved north as the climate got warmer. Tromsø has for generations been an important meeting area between the Sami and Norse populations. Today you can visit the Sami, experience their culture and traditions and also meet the reindeer that is central to their way of life. 

In Tromsø, you can find a great selection of different Sami cultural tours with different sledding options, even reindeer sledding under the Northern Lights. Make sure you take the opportunity to pet and feed them, while you learn about their cultural significance and their impressive adaptations to Arctic conditions.


Handlekurven din er tom

Når du legger til en aktivitet i handlekurven din, reserverer vi billetten din i 60 minutter.